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Your Central Georgia source for quality photography and retouching with a touch of Southern hospitality.

My name is Craig Carter, welcome to my web site, welcome to my dream. I have a passion for the arts, some artistic talent and a strong desire to be creative. My desire to create has manifested itself in the photographic and video mediums over the course of my life both personally and professionally. So I have embarked upon a new creative venture in starting Carterpix, to create a company that creates quality photographic images for the enjoyment of anyone who cares to look. 

During these early stages of developing my company, I am interested in all sorts of photography and editing work. Meaning, at this time I am a generalist, and intend to let the market guide where to concentrate my attention. The landscape of professional photography is vast and complex with an almost infinite number of specializations. But you can rest assured I will always do my best to get consistently high quality shots for my clients regardless of the subject. And If I'm unsure or unable to achieve the results you are looking for, I will be honest with you in my consultation and not make promises I can’t deliver.

Carterpix wants to bring you the best images and highest quality service. Contact us to discuss your ideas and how to get the results you want.


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