2021 09 11

This is the post I set out to post before descending into madness.

I’m very happy to say I got a paying gig last week. The first one I’ve got since I moved into my new house. My attention has been entirely on buying, moving, and developing my new home, and my j o b. Gotta pay the bills and all that.

Anyway, I got a gig working for a commercial broker. I got it in a lucky round-a-bout sort of way I won’t detail. The broker is out of state and has a property they want to sell in this area. I saw an opportunity, took it, and it paid off. Yay!

This is my first paid drone gig as well as my first commercial gig. So I’m very happy about it. The client got a deal better than they should have, but they did pay. Unfortunately, too much competition, not enough work, and butt-holes like me that are willing to work for some money, or even free, instead of what it should be is a big problem with this occupation, especially in an area like this. But this offered the opportunity to add material to new my portfolio I was lacking, so it had value other than money to me. I like to think I’d have turned down the job if I didn’t need/want the commercial and commercial drone content, but who knows.

I’m pretty pleased with the content I delivered, copies of which you see below. I learned a few things on site. I didn’t have to spend too much time doing the work, so the money worked out to a respectable hourly rate.

An after-action report of things I learned. As you legally can’t fly a drone over a street, you must change locations on a property like this to get different angles. I did go to one extra location for this job. I could have made it four different locations for drone footage corresponding with four different corners of the intersection, but the pay wasn’t worth the extra work.

I also learned that when moving to the corner across the street for different angle drone shots, my drone is sadly not up to fully professional standards. Namely, it is incapable of zooming. The only way to “zoom” is to get closer to the subject, and you can only get as close as the edge of the street. So with this drone, there are some significant limitations that need to be kept in mind when bidding for jobs.

While the amount I was paid was a bit disappointing, I am still happy I got this opportunity. I know I will need to make some sacrifices to my pride and wallet if I want to keep getting these types of jobs. I hope it will eventually pay off though. I do love this type of work, as far as work goes. It sure would be nice to be able to make a living doing something I enjoy.

2021 09 11

Wow, I just realized as I typed the blog title tofday is the 20th anniversary of the September 11th Terror attack. I’ve been hearing stuff all week, but it was mostly backgrounded to my comings and goings.  That is not what I intended this post to be about when I made the title. It wasn’t my intention when I started. But I feel like saying a few things in Memorium. It was too important to ignore.

I was at work that morning. At that time I worked at a place called Area North Post, which was a privately owned and operated broadcasting studio. Naturally, we had TVs available and watched as the horror unfolded. There was a sense of disbelief and numbness. I recall thinking that it was likely some kind of insider plot, I am forever the cynic. I didn’t voice that at the time. It was a solemn day however you looked at it. A day that changed the world, and my life for sure.

I do not advocate or subscribe to the many conspiracy theories that were made widely available in the proceeding years. I do not necessarily believe the official story either. In the end, what I think is of little to no consequence to anyone but myself. And what I think about that day one way or another is best left in the past with the event itself.

I do think we should remember that day. I think we should remember all the consequences to our nation occurring as an excuse and result for that day. I don’t think I had a problem with the Afghanistan invasion at the time, but I would have never thought it would turn into what it did. I suppose I was thinking commando raids on caves and such, but never in a million years did I think occupation and nation-building.

For the record, I support the decision made by former President Trump to end the occupation, despite the way he shuffled it off to his predecessor. Granted he surely thought, and probably still thinks, he is the predecessor. But that is another story. I support current President Biden’s decision and execution to follow through on that commitment.

I try to stay away from politics on this blog, but today I make an exception.

I opposed the second war in Iraq from the time the drums started. It was never just. It was never about freedom or helping the poor people of Iraq throw off the chains of a mad dictator. Weapons of mass destruction was a lie from day one. Maybe they had chemical weapons. After all, we sold them to Sadam in the first place. The nuclear fears were manufactured. The whole thing was an experiment in American Imperialism and power projection. It was an experiment in how easily the population could be swayed, and how far it had been moved towards the warmongering views of the power elite. The peace-loving and free-thinking of the sixties and seventies had been overcome. It was proven without a shadow of a doubt that the work done by the militant-wing of the government and powerful had paid dividends.

Interestingly there has been blowback lately due to the debacles created by this whole American adventure which started because of the outrageous actions of that day twenty years ago. I don’t know if things are going as planned by the planners. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sad state of affairs is exactly what “They” want. Abraham Lincoln’s “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” speech is as true today as it was when he said it. Sadly our overlords have spent a lot of money and time researching and eventually implementing plans to divide the people of this great nation with obvious success. One of the great successes of the “They” is by planting completely false and oftentimes completely ridiculous conspiracy theories into the zeitgeist in a successful attempt to distract from the actual conspiracies taking place and discredit the people who risk calling them out.

Sadly being a fool has become almost revered. I’m all for foolishness in good fun, but far too many people have adopted foolishness as a way of life. The more outrageous their foolishness the more attention people seem to get in our new world. More attention spirals into more money somehow. And now we have “influencers” with the most extreme and often dangerous thoughts influencing the masses. And it is all too easily manipulated.

Manipulation of the perception of reality for mass audiences in the USA is the real legacy of 9/11. The USA is still considered a democracy, despite massive amounts of treasure and work to undermine it. I pray it remains so. Sadly I’m doubtful based on my observations that it’s possible.

Technology, social media, broadcasting, profit-driven news services & outlets, an entire “world” that revolves around money more than I suspect it ever has before, complete reliance on money for basic survival for virtually every human on the planet, wars, hidden and obvious, over who controls money (not just hoards of money, but what versions of money are dominant), governments grow weaker every day, most notably the “most powerful” government currently on the face of the Earth, the USA Government. All these factors delight the “They,” who actually guide and control life on Earth. The “They” who actually control the world.

I’ll address that the “They” I’ve referred to has roots in anti-Semitism. I do not condone anti-Semitism at all. I do not condone grouping people as any monolithic entity or group. Unfortunately, that is how business is done in a world where might makes right, and might is derived from numbers.

There is a deep and vast trove of information about anti-Semitism available for public consumption. It is fascinating and educational. I have read a great deal of it. There are also vast troves of other types of conspiracies freely available to anyone who wants to look, and I have at many. Again, some have merit, while others don’t, and are introduced to cause suspicion, confusion, and division, making it harder to discern the real from the false.

My final thoughts and God bless you if you read all my insanity.  “They,” in my opinion are not some monolithic entity. They are just varying groups of all races, religions, and nationalities of different sizes and powers. The only thing I think “They” have in common, is too much money and power, and individual ideologies that compete or align with other “Them.” Every one of them wants to be a player. Some of “Them” is more powerful than others. Power fluctuates constantly and has throughout human history. Although now the biggest and most powerful “They” are truly capable of global manipulation. Average people are caught in “Their” wars. Average people are the ones who pay the price, always and forever.

These are the kinds of things I think about all too often. It doesn’t do me any good. In fact, it probably has done me a great deal of harm. I can’t look at the world in the simple terms most people do. I try not to think like this too much, but can’t help myself. My dialectical thinking, sadly, isn’t limited to conspiracy theories, but virtually every aspect of my life is overanalyzed.  I am trying hard to live less in my mind and more in my body, but it’s a challenge and constant struggle. 

2021 07 07

I wasn’t at all happy with the state or color of the kitchen cabinets in my new house. The finishes were worn and ugly. It was too dark for my liking. I just didn’t like it.

I knew from the get-go, sooner or later I was going to do something about the cabinets and counter. I’m happy to say that my procrastination gene was suppressed. The thing I was able to work on, I did. After all the expenses I’ve incurred recently, I won’t be able to do anything about the counter for some time due to a high cost, and my inexperience/inability to do the work myself. But I do know how to paint, and the cost of supplies was manageable. So voíla, I used some of my vacation time wisely.

Granted I haven’t been taking the photos I would like, but I did get to do a little documentary-style on this project, lol. All good things in all good time. A little more work on my general living space and then I can start working on my studio space, and I’m very excited about that.

2021 07 06

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. Time has a habit of slipping away.

I finally took my camera out of storage. I’ve had it packed up since before the move. So many things to concentrate on with my J O B and buying, renovating, and moving into my new home. But things are settling a good bit. I’m done driving for the year. Well, I get a month off before I have to start back. The little time I’ve had already has been quite productive. And while there will always be more to do, I’m happy with the progress on the homeification of my new dwelling. So much so I hope to start taking more pictures. I’ve never taken pictures of 4th of July fireworks before, so it seemed like a good thing to get me back on the horse.

I got several shots I am happy posting. I like shooting long exposure stuff, and not much is as well suited to long expose as fireworks. I feel like I got some pretty spectacular shots. But there is nothing new about fireworks photos. And to most people one looks pretty much like another. But the process was enjoyable to me. It certianly nice to have some of these in my archives.

 I also got a couple good ones at church on the morning of the 4th. They did a patriotic theme. I didn’t want to get too nutty during service as I thought it may be disrespectful. However I spoke with Pastor Williams after the service and he said if I stay in the A/V section and don’t make a ruckus I can shoot all I want. So I expect to take my camera to church more often. 

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