04 20 2020 The Drone Has Landed

04 20 2020 The Drone Has Landed

So I got my drone working, yay. But first.

I got a new phone because as you may recall, my old Samsung S8 had a bad battery. And most of the info I read suggested that iPhones worked better with the DJI Fly app. So I decided to get an iPhone. While that was the primary reason for buying an iPhone, I had other reasons. I have been an Apple guy from way back. My first computer was a Power Mac 8500. Oh how far technology has come. And I currently have an iMac. I am not a die hard fan boy though. I’ve had several Windows based computers in the past also. But now I am moving back to the Apple realm. The biggest reason for going back to Apple products is that I can, which is to say I am working on starting my own business and I have the prerogative to use what I like, not what is common in the world at large. And now my phone and my computer work together more or less seamlessly. I’m still working some stuff out, but with iCloud most of the things I do on my phone automatically update to my computer and vice versa. I’m having a problem with Safari bookmarks, but am going to call about it after writing this. But again I digress.

So the new iPhone did in fact work with my drone perfectly the first time I tried to use it. And I was a happy camper. Not to mention I really like my new phone. So naturally I took it out for a test flight. What you see here are the fruits of my initial drone outings.

The drone worked great, once I got it working. It takes off and lands very easily. It holds its position quite nicely. I haven’t looked at the video I took yet. Maybe that will be tomorrow’s project. The battery lasted long enough for me to do what needs to be done. By which I mean, take photos and videos of real estate for my business. There is more than enough time to shoot a home quite nicely and then some. I couldn’t be more excited about this development. And I intend to capitalize on it.

I now need to get my FAA Part 107 commercial drone operators license. I have been studying a bit already. And I am working on studying more now. The test costs $140 to take, so I want to get it right the first time. But you can take it again pretty soon, I think 14 days if memory serves correctly. I’m not sure, but I suspect the testing centers where they proctor the tests are probably closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic response. So it may be awhile before I can take it. Which makes me sad, but is a small price to pay for public health.

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