04 29 2020 Practice

I’ve been doing a bit of practice at home the last few days. I am practicing real estate photo techniques. I am nearing the end of my Mark Twain book “Roughing It.” I have been studying for the Part 107 drone certification exam, and trying to get a seat. And I’ve been taking my walks. Of Course I check the news and Facebook daily. I guess since I am mentioning all the stuff I Do, I should add games. I play my Clash of Clans game everyday. And I play Blizzard’s Hearthstone almost every day. I take a nap almost everyday. And today I have an appointment to donate plasma. I try to donate plasma twice a week, which is the limit.

For the sake of adding some photographs to my photo blog here are a few of the practice real estate shots I have done. This group of practice shots was created using a D5500 with a 12-24mm 114 Nikkor. These are a combination of shots that include flash, ambient and composited shots.

The Covid-19 self isolation is taking a bit of a toll on me at this point. While I am trying to keep myself busy with relatively productive things, not getting out of the house has been a bit maddening. My, mostly, daily walks do get me outside for an hour, and that is indeed nice. I have been enjoying the fresh air. And while I dread the first few steps, I enjoy, for the most part, the walk in general. I do sometimes wish it was over with about 2/3 of the way through my walk, because of aches and pains. My right knee is sometimes stiff and sore. I have had problems with my knees since I was a kid, and I broke a knee cap jumping over a branch while doing exercises at soccer practice. My morbid obesity puts a lot of pressure on my knees. I try jogging once in a while, and wish I could do so more, but I worry about the pressure I put on my knees. And my bad knee is always sore after a little bit of jogging, so I don’t often do it.

I hope the bicycle I ordered actually gets delivered. I had previously ordered a bicycle, and the order system said well it will be delivered in 2 weeks. But after two weeks I got a notification that it was out of stock, so sorry. That was frustrating. This second bicycle I have on order is in a bit of a similar situation. I ordered it about two weeks ago, and it is supposed to be delivered in another week and half. I pray it goes through as it should, and I don’t receive another late response saying they can’t do anything for me. Of course this is just one of the many negative aspects of how this virus has affected the supply of goods. I know my problems are insignificant compared to many people, but this kind of thing is still frustrating. I would love to do some biking during this time of isolation. Despite my obesity, I actually very much like to exercise at times.

The testing centers for the FAA Part 107 drone certification are indeed closed due to the COVID-19 virus and the resulting restrictions. Based on their parent web site the local testing centers may reopen on May 1, which only a couple days from now. I hope it does indeed open, so I can set up my test. I am ready for it now, and don’t really want to restudy in a couple months. Not to mention, I really could use that certificate to add drone services to my business. I realize I’m being selfish, but I suppose that is human nature. The whole fracas about to re-open or not to re-open things is complicated at best. And I see, and sympathize with, both sides of the debate.

I guess I’ll weigh in with a few of my thoughts about opening up or not. So, for history’s sake, at this time the USA, and much of the world, are in full institutional crisis mode. There are restrictions over much of the country. There are debates about states rights vs federal authority. At the moment the states seem to have the ultimate ability to decide what and when business, and other institutions, should be closed down for the safety of civil society. The country is divided, as usual, about the government imposing its mandate on civil society at large. Fully grown adults are acting like children throwing temper tantrums on both sides of the argument. It is a powerful issue at hand with far reaching consequences, and emotions are running high. The media is naturally fanning the flames of division in an attempt to create drama so it can get more eyeballs and charge more for advertising.

At the moment the state I live in, Georgia, is at the center of the public debate. The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, was the first, I think, governor in the USA to lift many of the restrictions being imposed on local businesses. There is a lot of controversy involving his decision. He is being derided in many forums. Conversely, he is being celebrated by some. I think overall most people think his action is premature, and too wide in scope. There are many factors at play, which I will leave to the reader’s imagination, as this is just a simple blog no one will likely ever read anyway. But the die has been cast. At this point the Governor’s will has gone into effect and many Georgia businesses are reopening. They are required to reopen, but they have the option to do so. I’ll state that one of the controversies surrounding the Governor’s decision is that with state lifting mandatory restrictions it will free them from being forced to pay unemployment benefits to people who do not return to work now. I will refrain from posting political opinions. Anyway, there are a great deal of implications when dealing with policies of this scope.

I am fairly moderate in my view of the COVID-19 pandemic response. As I said earlier I see the point and sympathize with both sides to some degree or another. I tend to think that caution should be the rule of the day, but as with all things there should be moderation. And I think for the most part the USA and Georgia have done a good job. I don’t agree with draconian measures, and despite the potesations of many on the right, I don’t believe the response has been draconian. People are still free to travel in most places without being molested by law enforcement. Some cities and communities are more strict than others, but as I understand it they are allowed movement for necessities. Many right wing protesters are being huge babies about this whole thing. But naturally the left wing reactionaries are equally despicable. I guess it comes down to not much liking extremists in general, but again I see how they both benefit society in their own way. Or at least have some effect on society, for better or worse. It is unfortunate though that such terrible people on both side of the arguments of the day get so much clout.

My sister is into crafting and such, and has made some virus protection masks for us, which she sent recently. They are well crafted. She is good at that sort of thing. I took a photo of our Mom modeling one of the masks, which you can see below.

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