2020 12 05

Last weekend my friend Jake graciously agreed to be a subject for me to shoot some portrait shots. I consider this the first real portrait shoot I’ve done. It was unpaid, but I would have felt comfortable charging for this work. As yet, I have not charged anyone anything for a portrait.

I have shot many other portraits, but I haven’t been particularly happy with or proud of them. With this work, I’m both happy and proud. My portrait work in the past was done in earnest, doing the best I could. I’m sorry to say that the results were mixed. Some shots were good and useable, others not so much. There were many learning moments. Many missteps. Many instances of looking at the work and considering what went wrong, and what went right.

This is the kind of work I am capable of. I am certain I can recreate results at least this good in future shoots. Of course, there is plenty of room to grow and improve. I am always trying to learn and improve.

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