2020 12 31 New Years Eve

Last post of the year! Goodbye 2020!

I had a very pleasant lunch with my old friend and coworker Harold Gantt yesterday. We hadn’t seen each other in a long while. But we need to hang out again sometime and do a photo expedition. Harold is a photog too. He snapped that one of me up there while we dined on spicy boiled shrimps at the Macon Crab House. I like that place, they were very accommodating, and Shea was very friendly and attentive. Our meeting was a very nice way to end the year. Peaceful and with a good friend. You can keep your fireworks and chaos to yourself tonight.

I haven’t posted any blogs lately. I’m a bit disappointed in myself for that. However, I have been staying busy with a myriad of things. Sadly very little to do with photography. But I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my Christmas time off from work. I have taken a good amount of time to relax and try to get my sleep patterns in check.  But I’ve also done a good bit of,  let’s call it, utility work. Things that I’ve put off for a long while. Things that I expect will help me stay organized and more productive in the future.

I used an entire morning last week, several hours’ worth of time, working on a political post filled with political indignation and bile. I didn’t even come close to finishing my train of thought. I could probably write a book if I were so inclined. But everyone has opinions, and facts to support them. I was attempting to sprinkle my post with facts I recall, supported with some presumably reputable source links from the web. But I don’t want to make this blog political. I am trying very hard to avoid that subject with the vast majority of people I meet. Sadly recent events have been making that more and more difficult.

I did take some sweet pix of the Christmas dinner I cooked. It wasn’t on Christmas day, because I started feeling poorly while prepping the meal. We decided to postpone it for a day. But the meal was special nevertheless. 

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