2021 01 08

Wow, barely a week into the new year and things have already been crazy. I’ll leave the political turmoils of the world and nation aside. I want to try to keep this blog politics-free. If you really care about what side I’m on, I’m on my own side, but with that said, and you care, you can see some of my more “controversial” thoughts on Facebook. Otherwise, this is my happy place where I post photos and think about what’s important.

Sadly I haven’t had a lot of time to work on photos lately. I suppose you could say I haven’t made enough time, and you’d be correct. I’ve been trying to use my time growing in other areas, which are still important, but not as enjoyable. But I wanted to get a post in of this little guy. He is both adorable and repulsive, kinda like me. I took these in my back yard a few weeks ago. It is the first chance to really use my newest lens. Got some long glass for wildlife and nature types shoots. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. granted I was pretty close to this guy as he rooted through our back lawn. He probably didn’t see me at first, as I was pretty close like I said. As I understand it, armadillos are fairly blind. When I moved to get a different angle he scampered away. But I still got some good stuff.

Well, the time to make the donuts has arrived. Off to my J O B, which has been more stressful than average for this first week of the year. Hope it will calm down soon. Cheers.

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