2021 05 24

It has been a week since my last blog post. I’ve been pretty busy doing this and that, of which not much is particularly significant or worth noting, except to say it was the last full week of school, and the kids on the bus were just extra.

My uncle called me yesterday to chat a bit. I had told him and my aunt I would take some pictures of my new home and send them copies. So, today I made a point to take some quick photos with my iPhone. These aren’t top quality, but they give a pretty good view of my new domicile. There is still quite a lot of work I want to get done. So there is some disarray here. But I’m not going to wait for perfection, as perfection will likely never exist. As my uncle told me yesterday, “when you own a house the work is never done.”

So to my aunt and uncle, I dedicate this blog post to you. Love you, and hope you enjoy these snaps.

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