2021 07 06

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post. Time has a habit of slipping away.

I finally took my camera out of storage. I’ve had it packed up since before the move. So many things to concentrate on with my J O B and buying, renovating, and moving into my new home. But things are settling a good bit. I’m done driving for the year. Well, I get a month off before I have to start back. The little time I’ve had already has been quite productive. And while there will always be more to do, I’m happy with the progress on the homeification of my new dwelling. So much so I hope to start taking more pictures. I’ve never taken pictures of 4th of July fireworks before, so it seemed like a good thing to get me back on the horse.

I got several shots I am happy posting. I like shooting long exposure stuff, and not much is as well suited to long expose as fireworks. I feel like I got some pretty spectacular shots. But there is nothing new about fireworks photos. And to most people one looks pretty much like another. But the process was enjoyable to me. It certianly nice to have some of these in my archives.

 I also got a couple good ones at church on the morning of the 4th. They did a patriotic theme. I didn’t want to get too nutty during service as I thought it may be disrespectful. However I spoke with Pastor Williams after the service and he said if I stay in the A/V section and don’t make a ruckus I can shoot all I want. So I expect to take my camera to church more often. 

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