Journey to Alaska part 1

I have just returned from a fantastic vacation journey. This is the first real vacation I have taken in my adult life, and it may well be the last. My life has been pretty mediocre up to this point, and while I am trying to break out of my long running rut, I am finding myself ill equipped for the journey into the promised land. I take too long to do things. I can’t decide what to do, in no small part because Im not even sure what exactly it is that I do want. The life of a professional photographer is considerably more complicated than most people could imagine. Most people are happy enough to go to work and be told more or less what needs to happen. And as you can probably tell from this brief paragraph my mind is all over the place.

Part of me supposes that I would most like to be a travel photographer, what ever that means. There are many facets to being a travel photographer as far as my inexperienced eyes can see. And my desire to be a travel photographer is based on assumptions. As I said earlier, I don’t have a lot of vacationing experience, not that travel photography is a long vacation. I have no illusions that it is anything other than hard work with relentless schedules and often unfavorable traveling conditions. I have done a good bit of professional traveling in my life, and it was often unpleasant. After all, if something is fun and pleasant people tend to pay for the experience not get paid to do it.

On this vacation I took a lot of pictures. I suppose this was a way to get the feeling of what it may be like to be a travel photographer. Granted, the travel conditions were pretty good considering I was a guest on a nice cruise ship. But there was a good bit more to the trip than just the cruise.

I started the trip from my home in Central Georgia. This was a trip with my parents and my uncle, and we also met up with my aunt. It was a family affair. I may often refer to we when there is a we required. I drove my parents to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. We had a short, about 45 minute, layover at Denver International Airport. Then we proceeded to our final destination, to our port of call, Seattle.

Commercial flying has never been fun for me. I am a big boy, I always have been. Unfortunately I let myself go physically over the last several years.  For the last 10 years I got paid to sit on my posterior and watch television, and that took a terrible toll on my physical and mental well being. But my past is another topic entirely. The point is I am fat and tall and that makes flying coach nothing short of miserable. But I am happy to say I am working to improve my health both physically and mentally.

When we got to Sea-Tac Airport we were met by my aunt and her husband. They picked us up and took us out to dinner at a nice restaurant and lounge just across the street from the airport. The 13 Coins Restaurant was my first glimpse of Seattle, and I liked it.

The photos I am adding to this blog entry are from the 13 Coins Restaurant. I didn’t take a lot of pictures here. I was more interested in eating and drinking after a long day of traveling. I do wish I had snapped a more of the surroundings. 

We got to the restaurant around 9:30 pm Seattle time. By Middle Georgia standards this place was very nice. There was a wait, so we had a drink in the lounge, which was pretty busy and had live music. The place is open 24hours a day, which is also nice, and doesn’t happen in Middle Georgia unless it is a Waffle House. Waffle House has its charms, but is nothing compared to the 13 Coins Restaurant.  Not even close.

I had the wagyu burger which was very tender. I like taking pictures of food when it is something out of the ordinary, and for me wagyu beef is very out of the ordinary. My Mom brought along a pink flamingo named Glenda of Gilda, or something like that, my nephew, her grandson, gave her as a travel companion. My Mom and my Aunt Connie enjoying some company from a flamingo. And the booth we were in had a very interesting light fixture that played optical illusions on your naked eyes. I tried to capture it with a photo, but the real life view is much more perplexing.

Visit to Providence Canyon state park

I took a trip to the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia, which is more formally named the Providence Canyon State Park. Im not sure where I heard about it, but once I did I knew I had to see it.

This is an amazing place. Visiting it at the beginning of August may not have been the best idea. It was hot. I mean really hot. And naturally being South Georgia the humidity was very high, making for a sauna like experience. Im sorry to say that my less than physically fit self had a rough time.

After a two hour drive to reach the park, I spent only about an hour. Probably half of that was going down trail and then back up from the canyon floor. Oh the back up part was rough on me. Some great exercise was had. It’s probably good that I left when I did because the late afternoon thunderstorms started not long after getting out of the canyon. Since the canyon floor is a little creek, I wonder just how much water flows through there when there are storms like that.

Naturally I wanted to take some pictures of the sight. Pictures of interesting places are one of my major motivators. Even though I didn’t spend enough time here to get as many pictures of this amazing landscape as I would have liked, I am happy with what I did come back with. There were several miles of trails I left untried. No telling what I missed. I need to come back again when it is cooler and explore the whole place. Maybe even camp.

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