2020 11 28

I’m typing this post on my phone, so it’ll be short and sweet.

I wanted to post a bit about Thanksgiving, and I’m already two days behind.

We had a nice quiet and small feast this year. It was just Mom, Dad, Shirley and I. Shirley is practically family. We see her every week at least once at church and post-church lunch anyway, so if there is going to be transmission it will happen then. We try to be pretty safe. We all practice good hygiene and kept our distance for the most part.

We had Cornish hens instead of turkey. It was much easier to prepare, and was still pretty satisfying. I feel we kept the spirit of the holiday.

2020 11 25

It is day three of my Thanksgiving holiday break. It hasn’t felt like much of a break really. I’ve been pretty busy working on my “stuff.” It doesn’t feel like I have much to show for it, but I know the things I’m doing are good, and will be helpful in future work. Sometimes I feel like I over think things. But I do believe that what I’m doing is important.

I’ve done a good bit of digital housekeeping including reworking my file structure, refining my keyword procedure, reworking and learning to rework old keyword assignments into new ones, retooling my export settings, retooling my workspaces in Bridge and Lightroom, studying various things of interest and utility.

The whole keyword thing is really a big deal actually. I finally have got around to posting some work on stock photo web sites. That is a bit of learning process in itself, but among other things it is highly reliant on keywords. The more key words the better. They are the roadmap to my product. You can have the best product, but if no-one can find it to access it and ultimately purchase it then it’s just bytes taking up space. While a bit of a bleak thought, a creator hopes that others can and will enjoy their creations as much or more than themselves. And while I hope to create things that are great, there is a lot of byproduct that still has value to someone hopefully. We live in a world dictated systems, including monetary systems, so one must play the games to take advantage of those systems or one will perish or worse.

If you have read any of my past blogs you will notice I have added a new watermark to this batch of photos. I have dabbled with them before and not recently I’ve not used them. I don’t really like them, but I can’t have them freely available if I am going to post them on stock sites or other market places. The photos I show are intentionally not full quality for size reasons.  They are, however, more than adequate for a lot of people who would just assume not pay. So I will continue to experiment with watermarks until I find a solution I can live with. In this batch, I tried to make the watermark fairly transparent. Unfortunately, the white of the cotton has rendered it nearly invisible in several these photos. I will examine my options tomorrow.

2020 11 21

Spending this Saturday morning working on curating a playlist in Spotify. That playlist is about cops and robbers, law and anarchy, jail and jailbreaks, fun and discipline. Here is a link to it.

Well it is now Saturday night. I got sidetracked this morning with other things, important things, things that had to get done, and they did. I’m pretty happy with how that playlist turned out. I listened to it for an hour plus while at Biolife doing the plasma thing, and running other errands. The playlist still needs a few tweaks, but that can wait until my mind is more fresh and ready for the task.

I finely made it to Macon to try out Louvenia’s Crab Cake Hut. This place makes some good crab cake burgers. Okay I’ve only had one, but it was delicious. And the crab egg rolls were also super delicious. Their sauce makes it pop. I’ll defiantly be back. It is a small business that only opens on weekends for limited hours, but is well worth the wait. Personally, I wouldn’t want to eat crab cake everyday anyhow. It is pretty rich in flavor and texture, and it is a bit pricey. But as it is real crab meat, you get good value for the money. They lack some of the amenities you may expect at many restaurants like a fountain machine, and no indoor dining. There is outdoor dining which is comfortable and socially distanced. With the weather the way it is now, it is a pleasure to eat outdoors. I would get my crabby patties to go in the summer time. They are in one of the farmer pavilions at the Macon Farmers Market, so there is cover/shade.

This batch was taken with my iPhone X.

These I took with my DSLR while waiting for them to open. They don’t open until 12:30pm as of the time of this posting. I thought they opened at Noon based on Google, which just goes to show you can’t trust everything Google/The Internet tells you.

2020 11 14

A few more cats and sone other random things I shot around the house on Veteran’s Day. Plus a couple other random things I liked that I worked on this week. The school bus is from my iPhone with zero editing. Everything else was run through Lightroom as usual.

I still have a lot to process. There are several more shots I want to play with from Veteran’s Day. I am still slogging through my main project, a little bit at a time. I still have a lot of work to do there before I am even remotely ready to work with it. I shot a nice cotton field yesterday that is ready to be harvested with both DSLR and Mavic Mini. So many pictures of cotton to look at! Oh that is going to be an adventure in and of itself!

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