2020 11 11

It is Veteran’s Day AKA Armistice Day. I prefer Armistice Day. There should be another day for veterans. Armistice Day deserves its own day. People need to remember the horrible war to end all wars. And they need to remember that it was sadly not even close to the war to end all wars. Humanity is sick. It’s a damn shame people have to war with each other. I pray we never have to see that again, but I expect that is just a dream. Too damn many people right now seem to want violence. People actively fomenting civil war in the USA are a disgrace to both sides of the ideological spectrum. I don’t understand how people can be so blind. But the Devil is always busy pushing his ill will. The yin and yang of the wheel of life is always at battle.

Anyway I spent part of my day off taking pictures around the house. I got some nice pictures of our cats. I imagine some of the brave men  who’ve died in war would be glad to know that I am able to do this work I enjoy without the fear of imminent death around the corner. 

In this set are some of Hairy Larry. I played around a little bit with Topaz De Niose on several of these. I shot them all indoors at a fairly high iso, and they had a good bit of noise. I’m not super familiar with the Topaz De Noise app, so I expect I could have optimized these better with more attempts and practice. However I don’t have a lot of time left in the day, so I am putting these up as is.

2020 11 08

For today’s photo entry a look at some lines and some skies. I love both lines and skies.

I love the Grateful Dead. They are one of my all time top artists musical or otherwise. (My top-three are musical: Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd. I aught to come up with two non-musical artists to round out a top-five list. I have some thoughts on this, but will consider it closely over the upcoming time frame.) Back to my round-about but related thoughts on the Grateful Dead. In one of their songs called: Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo, a terrific song. There is a phrase that goes:

“Farewell to you old Southern skies, I’m on my way, on my way”

That phrase got me noticing the skies here in the South are truly spectacular often-times. I don’t know if they are any better or different that the skies anywhere else really, as I never really thought about it until that lyric triggered something in my brain to fully appreciate what I was seeing right in front of me. Now, I do truly appreciate the skies here in my adopted home, which is the South.

Frankly, the South is not my home by choice as much as circumstance. I am not now, nor have I ever really been, in a position to have much choice in where I live. Of course one can always just up-and-move.

Having the freedom to up-and-move is one of the things I was raised learning is great about the USA. Specifically, you are free to go anywhere, anytime, you want, unlike the USSR of the time. And it is true, a citizen of the USA can travel to any city or state pretty much anytime under normal circumstances. But for someone to relocate in a “responsible way” requires resources I do not have. One would either need a job lined up to relocate to, or a support system like a family to help take care of you, or the financial means to support one’s-self for at least a few months, preferably longer.

But as I was located here based on a compromise of sorts, which is a whole other story, and I haven’t been able to afford to change locations responsibly, the South is my home now I suppose. If you are thinking I don’t sound thrilled about that, you would be correct.

If you continue reading after I said I’m not thrilled to live in the South you are my-kind of person. Curious. Curious, even if you find an idea repellent or disagreeable maybe you don’t like the South. I know there are plenty of people who don’t, and for some very good reasons. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are people small enough to stop reading something if they feel I besmirch their beloved homeland, but then most of those people don’t read much anyway. I expect I’m kidding myself to think anyone will ever read any of this at all. Hell, I’d be surprised if I ever revisit any of these ramblings.

Back on subject. I don’t hate the South. Not now at least. I suppose there were times I thought I hated it for various reasons, most of which had to do with my own state-of-mind. However, there are some concrete reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason for my dislike of the South is its weather/climate. 

Most Americans, as in USA Americans, know that the South is known for being hot. And it is. Very hot, in my opinion. In addition to hot it is also very humid most of the time. These are things that make me uncomfortable. I do not like hot and humid. I believe my genetic archetype is more suited to cooler climates. If I had my way, I would spend my time somewhere temperate. If I were rich, I would travel with the seasons. As I said previously, I do not have the resource to move responsibly, let alone live where I feel most comfortable. Boo-hoo, right? Nah, I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have, which is more than most. Like Mom used to tell me, “finish your plate. there are kids starving in Ethiopia right now.” Most of the time, I don’t like the weather in Georgia. There are periods in fall, winter and spring that are actually pretty near perfect, but they are too few and far between for me to like the climate overall. The temperatures here today, in November, will only is only going to get up to the low-to-mid 70’s f. Sounds pretty nice huh? The problem is the humidity will be over 90% all night and into late morning, then it will get down to the high 70% range for the afternoon, and back to 90% at night. So even when the temps are temperate, the humidity makes the climate miserable for me. Granted mid 70’s with 70% humidity isn’t that bad, but then you add dew point into the equation and you have a whole new moist ball-game.

There is, however, one aspect to the climate of the South and Georgia that I do love. The skies. Granted, we don’t have big billowy clouds all the time, but we do have them frequently enough for me to appreciate them on a regular basis. Again, I don’t know if other regions have comparable skies, or even nicer ones. But I don’t really care. This is one thing I can latch on to and love about my home. And if the skies were notable enough for the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter to immortalize in song, then I imagine they are pretty special.

I could expand upon many of the thoughts here, but this is the all for today. I spent more time writing today than processing pictures, of which have many to still work on. Which is fine, I like to write sometimes. Who knows, maybe when I’m old and toothless I’ll look back and enjoy my ramblings. But I have to get ready for church now.

Note, I am not really looking forward to church today due to the historic election that just happened here. It’s funny when people say historic whatever, because everything that has ever happened is historic technically speaking. Joe Biden has been projected to be the new president of the USA. I say projected because the current Donald Trump administration is fighting tooth and nail to discredit the results. I pray he is unsuccessful, and there is a regime change. I am happy Biden is in, and Trump is out. My opinion however runs contrary to many in my church who seem to think this will usher in the end-times of Revelations or something slightly less apocolyptic. It boggles my mind how so many people think Trump is somehow better than Biden, which isn’t to say Biden is all that good. In any case I seriously doubt either is the Anti-Christ. But a good portion of the good citizens of this country seem to think we are doomed. And a good portion of them are going to be surrounding me and vocalizing their lamentations at church. I will do my best to bite my tongue, and not pick any fights, but I will also not let anything too dumb go unchallenged. Whatever happens is God’s will whatever the case may be. As a servant of God and folower of Jesus Christ, I will do everything in my power to diffuse what I see as hatred and lies, and ask God to bless us all, all of the Republicans, all of the Democrats, all of the Libertarians, all of the Greens, all of the USA, all of the World in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

2020 11 05

A quick post before going to work. I wanted to note that on my bus route a couple days ago that Lake Joy was spectactular in the early morning. It was the first day of the year with a frost and the lake was still warm. The results were some incredible steam rising from the lake. The last few days have had similar, but less impressive results. I know/knew that this was what happens in this physical state of nature, but seeing it reminded and reinforced the signifigance. I need to take advantage of this when I’m able.

Ugh, being a school bus driver is taking more energy than I hoped it would. But I won’t do it half assed. Those middle schoolers are a real chore. They are in that defiance for the sake of defiance stage, and don’t know when they have a good thing going. So I guess I have to teach them a little. Well if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. 

2020 10 31

Here is a bit of some wild flowers I shot a couple weeks ago. They are basically weeds I guess, but I thought they were pretty. I have many more I have yet to process. I expect them to be posted in the not too distant future. I also made some progress on my little project this week. I won’t post any of that for reasons.

Did a little music video shoot thing with a guy from work. That was fun. I got some stills that I think will be interesting, but have yet to import any of it. There’s never enough time when you need it, and too much when you don’t. I’m glad the too much time thing hasn’t been a problem for me lately.

Here’s a couple other things I played with this week.

2020 10 29

Got myself a money clip. This is the first money clip I’ve ever had. I wanted something cool, and I think I found it. Got it on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheDeadHeadShop. The proprietor seems like good people.  

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