2020 10 22

I did this edit this morning before work. This was a cotton field at dawn with a house in the background. I liked it, but it could be better. I think I would have liked it more if the camera was at a higher angle to get a little less of the field and a little more of the house. It’s not like I was specifically taking photos of the house in this case, so it was not really a factor in setting up the shot. I was mostly interested in getting the sunstar, which was a good success. The balance of field, tree, sun and house is pretty nice to me, so I don’t think a harsh crop would be good here. So a nice pleasant shot in my opinion, but not great.

This is from the same cotton field. It is interesting as it abuts a very nice subdivision. I believe the land is for sale and will likely be McMansions as well. This one was shot pre-dawn. It was quite dark out still. This is an HDR stack of 3 images. Shot at 10000iso. Heck, I’ve given the rest of the stats, 17mm, f13, then ran through Topaz DeNoise. It’s interesting to me that the water drops, I’m assuming those are water drops on the lens, are there, because these were the first shots I took of the day and the drops only appeared on the first couple sets. I guess it dried and they didn’t leave enough residue to negatively effect the later shots. Or maybe it was some kind of fog pockets, I don’t know. It was very definatly a humid and misty morning. But I like this shot as it has an other worldly feeling to it. Again, not great, but pretty nice.

2020 10 18

I’m happy to say I got a good bit of shooting done this week. There is still more to do, but a nice base of material is in the can. I didn’t do a whole lot of processing though. It’s easier to do processing during the work week though, so I will see what I can do. I will try not to be too lazy.

I wanted to post something before I retired for the evening, so I went to a folder from a couple weeks ago. There are still some things I’d like to look at there. I have quite a backlog of processing to keep me busy. Anyway, I played around with the HDR tree a little bit. It’s not really something I’m particularly proud of, but it is kinda cool in my opinion. I would rather post it on this blog than just leave it in a folder where no-one will ever look at it again. At least here no-one will look at it in a public forum.

I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the aperture when I shot this. It was after chasing lenses a time or two, and that tends to make me a bit more distracted. This was shot at f1.4, so the DoF is super shallow, and the focus is soft. In this edit I played with the sharpness and  clarity to get it a bit less blurry. It’s probably too much, but this was a quick edit that is just for fun.

2020 10 15

Another sidewalk/road/crosswalk with diminishing perspective, which I enjoy. Was a foggy day, pretty gloomy. It seems like at this time of the year a lot of the mornings are foggy & gloomy here in middle Georgia. Some days you get lucky some days you get fog. I pray tomorrow will be a clear morning. My Darksky app says tomorrow morning should be good,  and while it is pretty good it isn’t infallible.  Fall break is almost over, and I don’t have much to show for it. I would like one morning of good shooting at least. I have 3 days left without the constraints of responsibility. 

2020 10 14

I somehow managed to leave this one off the blog, but put its on FB & IG. Now that is rectified. Thought it was pretty cool. Didn’t realize there was a ladybug there when I shot it. I was practicing doing focus-stacks, and this lady just had to get in on the action. I’m glad she did. I feel it makes this a bit more interesting, and yielded something kinda cool instead of just practice stacks.

I’ve also been doing some work on my little project. It isn’t too mind bending, and I’d rather not mention what it is at this time in these early stages. There is much work to be done. And I hope that it is something that could be sold in some way or other. This is just a little something I played with for a min because I thought it was worth shooting. I like roads and perspectives that draw outward like this, so I gave it some attention. Whiles nothing special, I kinda like it, and after spending time on it I will post.Yellow Concrete Road to Wherever…

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