2020 10 7

Playing around with my puffball weed a little more. This is from a different exposure than the previous day. I went full on crop/macro mode with this one. Then I played around with it. Let tis a pretty clean version with a bit of LR processing. Then futzed with the blue levels, I think it was blue. Then a bit of spatial distortion with some split tone and other color play. And finally a simple oil paint filter in PS.

2020 10 6

Got some shots of wild flowers and weeds after work yesterday. Playing with my macro lens. Exported this one before work. It looks a little too busy for me now, but it’s a decent shot. I’m thinking I should have just had one puff ball maybe. Tomorrow I’ll do one with just the puff ball, and see how it turns out. Hopefully I’ll have some more time to play with it, and the rest of the stuff I got.

2020 09 29

2020 09 29

Been experimenting with some HDR techniques. and playing with different looks.

Both of these are the same shot. Both are HDR using 7 brackets at, I believe, one stop difference. Two totally different approaches.

Same shot, different processing. I wonder which you like better? 

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