GA Nat Fair Parliament 2019

Another fun day at the Georgia National Fair captured in photos. Late summer, October, 9 2019. The weather was pretty good this year. No rain and moderate temperatures in the mid 80’s, at least the days I went.

As always there is a lot of people up and down the rows of vendors, which in my opinion makes for some good shots. I was more pleased with the photos I took on this day than the previous day. I used a different lens. These were taken with my Nikkor 70-300 1:4-5.6 G instead of my Nikkor 50 1:1.4. The 70-300 isn’t as fancy, but I suppose it lends itself better to this type of street style photography.

I was quite happy with the way the concert shots came out. The lens is pretty slow, so the ISO is cranked pretty high on most of these shots. The noise isn’t that bad considering the high ISO, in my opinion. In some cases I actually like the grain.

The concert was very enjoyable. I always wanted to see Parliament and George Clinton. I’m glad I got this opportunity. I was told this may be one of their last tours. I feel blessed I had this opportunity, and took it, instead of sitting on my butt at home. Got some really good shots. Maybe someone else will see them.

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