Package contents are guidelines and not an explicit guarantee of exact deliverables. Each property is unique and requires individual consideration. Special instructions will be implemented where possible.

Products will be delivered via an online gallery. A URL/Web link will be sent to your email where a gallery of your photos is easily downloaded. Deliverables will be provided within 72 hours of shoot, often sooner.

Standard deliverables include:

  • JPG files: Width 1535 pixels; typically between 1-3 MB
  • PNG files: Width 1535 pixels; typically between 7-11 MB
  • High resolution and other formats can be made available on request.

Zillow will support the upload and display of photos that meet the following requirements:

Exterior: Approximately 7+ shots

Front wide

Front tight

3/4 front


Rear wide

Rear property one or two shots as needed

Out buildings/features/sheds/deck

3/4 rear

Interior: Approximately 20+ shots

2-3 shots of all main rooms (living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath, main bath, etc.)

1-2 shots of minor rooms (bedrooms, half baths, laundry room, entryway, hallway, basement, sun room, etc.


Carterpix offers a silver and gold package based on the square footage of the property to be photographed. The primary difference between the packages is the use of lighting equipment and editing technique employed. The gold package involves more than twice the work and time involved in the silver package.

Both packages provide high quality photos for your marketing needs. The differences may seem subtle, but on higher end properties especially ones that are furnished it makes a difference. 

Silver package: 


Ambient lighting/No Flash

Single exposure/no HDR

Automatic Color balance/Geometry

< 1000 sq ft $65

1000 - 2000 sq ft $85

2000 - 3000 sq ft $105

> 3000 sq ft $135

Gold Package:


Off camera lighting/strobe

Multiple exterior exposures for HDR or focus stacking 

Personalized Color balance/Geometry/Crop/Compositing/Touch ups & edits as needed

< 1000 sq ft $130

1000 - 2000 sq ft $170

2000 - 3000 sq ft $210

> 3000 sq ft $270

Package prices are for the Warner Robins area based on a ten mile radius from my home base location, which is shown below. Jobs outside the standard radius will be charged $.50 per mile from home base in addition to package costs.

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